The second installment of my “Lessons From The Underground” column. This one is all about DIY and dreaming.

SYW Magazine


Nobody wants you to have what you want more than you. No one is obligated to give you anything. The hard truth is that, overall, no one gives a fuck. Does that make you feel sad and alone?

Then you’re not ready. You don’t want it bad enough. You don’t love it enough. You’re just getting started on not getting started.

Realizing that you are the only one who cares about your dreams the way that you care about your dreams shouldn’t discourage you. Hell, it shouldn’t even surprise you– when’s the last time you spent a couple hours fantasizing about your neighbor’s dream of opening a one stop shop for quality wigs and video games*? What it should do is put a fire under your ass. In the underground it doesn’t exist until you make it exist.

Want to record some songs? Better go find a 4-track recorder at…

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