Funny stuff from one of my colleagues at SYW.

SYW Magazine


I was once told, men just think with their dicks. And while I have feminist undertones, yes, I do, I can’t help but want to leap to my fellow men’s defense. Yes, we do think with our dicks. When you consider a woman can sire a child once a year, us men can father a child every forty minutes, I put it down to nature. I couldn’t wait to get to the age where my erection stops bothering me and getting me to make very poor life choices. Just when I felt the future would hold some peace and quiet, they invent Viagra. Why? What possible good can come of Viagra? Erectile dysfunction was natures way of telling you to place ones penis on the metaphorical gun rack. On the surface, Viagra seems an okay idea, but on a deeper level of consideration, eighty year old’s having sex? There is…

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