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Umm…so I forgot to write a blog for today. I had the best of intentions before going to Hollywood to see my friend’s band at Bar Sinister, then…well, everything is sort of a blur after that. Two things you should know: 1) I am a lightweight 2) They pour very heavy at Bar Sinister. Secret third tip: don’t get into a car directly after your last drink if you are a lightweight and have had several heavily poured drinks.

So, after four hours of sleep and a day of realizing how old I actually am, I didn’t write a blog. It’s not you–it’s me. On to business. Monday should be Music Mondays, right? Okay.

Daybreak Ends. Got to see them on Saturday and in addition to the joy that is reuniting with an old friend over drinks, they were amazing. I grew up in small, dimly lit clubs listening to local punk rock. It was beautiful (as we’ve discussed) but with everything beautiful, there are always people who want to destroy it. All the punk venues got smashed. Enter the metal underground. Oh, it existed prior to all the punk venues getting shut down, I just didn’t know it. I went on a several year metal binge, hanging out with some of the hardest bands in the Central Valley, and it was good. Underground metal is a really special thing, there is an undeniable energy to the mish mash of heavy bass, screaming, and melodic singing. Daybreak Ends captures all of that, and adds  ten years more skill than any band I saw back in the Central Valley.

I highly suggest checking them out. I suggest it so much, I got the bassist, Josh Chastain, to agree to join us on Books And Booze for our inaugural episode. So click the links in the blog and get ready to get to know them better in a couple weeks!